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What We Do

Responsible Innovation

Need to improve innovation in your organisation?  Want to know how to revolutionise your products, processes or business model? Does AI and digitisation help you?  Unclear how to engage with the circular economy?  Or if bamboo is the raw material of the future?  We have expertise in analysing innovation in your organisation, in stagegating & implementing new innovations, and identifying what opportunities and threats from new technologies have for your organisation


Want an organisation that benefits profitability, people, and planet?  Our expertise includes working with social, economic, and environmental metrics, models, & reporting to keep you on track.  Carbon footprinting? Lifecycle analysis? GRI and sustainability reporting? Social return on Investment? We've got it covered.  Sustainability optimisation can help your organisation from top to bottom, helping retain & grow new markets, and save costs.

Strategy and New Ventures

Need to understand the changes in your market or how to commercialise new opportunities?  Single Planet Solutions offer expert advice on business strategy and strategic change. We offer sophisticated ecosystems techniques to provide strategic foresight for your organisation.  The team has expertise in researching and identifying strategic opportunists and threats, routes to markets, and building new capabilities to improve your growth and profitability.

We research and build innovative solutions for your everyday and strategic problems.

At Single Planet Solutions, we take a more holistic viewpoint and utilise the latest thinking to ask simple, but powerful questions to understand and revolutionise your organisation and help you through the process of change. We don't have standard products or services.  All our customers are unique, with unique opportunities and problems.  We think you should be  treated uniquely, and we create bespoke investigations and solutions for each client. We're also discrete and only divulge your industry and problem type with stakeholders unless you ask us to.

If you've already started your sustainability or innovation journey, we can help.  We offer expertise in implementation, in addition to up-skilling your staff through developing training and education programmes for staff and stakeholders, both online and via more traditional classroom based.

Interested in some statistics regarding innovation, sustainability, and business model change?


MIT estimate 48% of supply chains will have a high likelihood of critical failure caused by climate change by 2030, rising to 64% by 2050


IBM estimate that 75% of firms who innovate their business model to accommodate digital or sustainable innovations will grow their business and customer base by at least 50% in the first two years


The World Economic Forum estimate adopting sustainable innovation principles will allow 86% of innovators to recoup at least double their investment in less than three years


PWC estimate 30% of jobs are at risk of automation by mid-2030s, including middle management and service delivery roles

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Some words from our clients

We don't like to brag, others do it for us.
John Williamson - CEO digital startup

  Working with Chris was a revelation.  He quickly grasped what had eluded us - the real value we had for our clients and he helped us understand how to better service our customers and expand our markets.

John Williamson - CEO digital startup -
Nicola Smith - COO Financial Services Firm

The team were amazing.  We’d previously employed consultants who gave us the “big picture” but couldn’t tell us how to implement the ideas.  Chris [and the Single Planet Solutions company] checked the big picture made sense, made some changes, and then created an easy to understand implementation plan, and worked with us to create stage gates for innovations and changes to make sure the ideas worked.  Chris also developed a coaching plan for the executive team, and training for staff, including elearning materials.

Nicola Smith - COO Financial Services Firm -
Stefan Braun - German manufacturing firm

Waste has always been a problem for our firm.  We wanted to be more sustainable and thought it would cost us money.  The Single Planet Solutions team actually made us money. They traced and analysed our processes and reduced waste, calculated our sustainability metrics, helped us get a sustainable business grant, and connected us to a company that was willing to buy our leftover waste outputs at a great price.

Stefan Braun - German manufacturing firm -

Latest news

Straight from our blog.
Welcome to our updated website

Welcome to our updated website

We’ve redesigned our site to aid potential clients understanding of what we do – expect more information, whitepapers, and industry leading thinking over the next few weeks.  

Meet the team

Sarah Bailey and Chris Cramphorn  meet  at Exeter University while studying The One Planet MBA, and  were encouraged to change the world for the better.  We went one step further and want to help other organisations do the same. During our studies we foresaw a demand and necessity for organisations to become more sustainable by innovating their product & services, how they work with people,  technology & reusable materials, and revolutionising their business model to improve their profitability, social impact, and economic footprint.
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  • Sarah has expertise in marketing, social innovation & social enterprise,  responsible innovation, strategy, and research.  She is currently completing her PhD focused on social enterprises in partnership and collaboration.  Sarah has also been the chair for Exeter's ESSENCE social enterprise network.  Her areas of interest also include collaborative working; social value; cross-sector partnerships; hybrid organisations; and boundary-spanning.
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  • Chris has diverse experience and expertise in innovation, commercialisation & entrepreneurship, strategy, sustainability models & metrics/reporting, quantitative & qualitative research, and complex systems.  His PhD and research examines new expertise and innovations in developing solutions to complex problems, focusing on  traffic congestion, but he has applied his skills for organisations in venture capital investment portfolios & entrepreneurship, those dealing with climate change, circular economy, and the impact of digital innovations (including AI) on economic and societal change.  He has also strong interest in teaching and learning, and has previously led an online MBA, and Information Systems Masters degree, and also created & exited a spinout from his research on interactive multimedia case studies to aid university and executive education learners understand complex systems.
Sarah Bailey
Sarah Bailey
Chris Cramphorn
Chris Cramphorn

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Each of our clients has a unique story to tell. What's your story? We are always on a lookout for new challenges and want to be part of building relationships with you so please do not hesitate to contact us to start our common journey.


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